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Bikram Yoga Overview

"Triangle Pose"
One of 26 Bikram Yoga positions

Bikram Yoga is a form of yoga which consists of a series of 26 poses performed in a hot room. The temperature of a bikram yoga studio must be at 105 degrees--or higher! This heat is said to loosen your muscles, improve flexbility, and increase your heart rate. And make no mistake, the heat also makes you sweat!

The Trusty Guide to Bikram Yoga will lead you through the ins-and-outs of this hot new style of yoga. Read this guide to get the full scoop on these topics:

Also, please see our bonus feature page that displays all 26 of the Bikram Yoga poses with explanations for why they help your health and spirit.

Below are just a few FAQ to get you started:

Question Answer
How does Bikram Yoga differ from other forms of yoga?
  • A Bikram class always consists of the same 26 poses done in the same sequence
  • Bikram Yoga is practiced in a room heated to at least 105 degrees
  • Bikram employs two special forms of breathing: 80-20 Breathing and Exhalation Breathing
What's the history of Bikram Yoga?
  • Bikram Chihoudry, born in Calcutta, India in 1946 founded Bikram Yoga in the 1970s
  • Before founding Bikram Yoga, he studied for many years under the renowned Yoga teacher Bishnu Ghosh
What are The Benefits of Bikram Yoga?
  • Improved posture
  • Better muscle tone
  • Increased metabolism
Who should avoid Bikram Yoga?
  • Pregnant woman approaching Yoga for the first time
  • People with high blood pressure
  • People prone to asthma attacks

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