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Great Home Renovation Links

For More Information, Start with These Sources:

To read about the Remodeling Activity Indicator and related statistics, see this press release: Harvard Center for Joint Housing Studies - http://www.jchs.harvard.edu/media/rai/rai_05_4.htm.

For assistance with finding remodeling contractors, and a variety of renovation-related articles, check out www.reliableremodeler.com, and this article in particular.

Use www.statelocalgov.net to learn more about regulations that apply to your contractors and your projects. Locate your state, then look for state-specific, county-specific, or city-specific boards, commissions, and other governing bodies that pertain to construction, permitting, building code compliance, and so on.

http://cgi.money.cnn.com/tools/renovation/renovation.html is CNNMoney.com’s handy calculator for return on renovation projects.

www.updaterenovate.com provides handy summaries of specific renovation topics and projects, and assistance in locating licensed contractors.

The website of cable’s Home and Garden Television channel, www.HGTV.com, is filled with great information on home improvement, whether contracting it out or doing it yourself.

Another resource to assist in your contractor search: findcontractor.net.

Renovation Space's financing site provides helpful articles on managing renovation costs, as well as a nifty glossary of home improvement loans.

With words of wisdom regarding verification of contractor qualifications, Melanie Burke’s article in The Washingtonian describes the process in the Washington, D.C. area. See home renovation.

For a detailed FAQ on various Home Improvement Loan options, check out: Home Equity 101.

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