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Home Renovation Quiz

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What renovations have most recently shown the best payback at resale?

Kitchens and bathrooms Correct Answer
Master bedrooms

What are the two most important things to a successful renovation?

Using Green Contractors
Doing it yourself with the help of professionals
Undertaking many projects at one time
Right contractor and good planning Correct Answer

What two ways of refinancing are advantageous from a tax perspective?

Bank loans
Home equity loan or refinancing Correct Answer
Credit card loans
Loans from friends and family

How much should you factor into budgets for potential contingencies?

1.5 times the cost Correct Answer
3 times the cost
Nothing - there is a warranty
Nothing - my contractor is licensed

What can Green Renovation do for you?

Lower energy costs Correct Answer
Increase the green (money) you spend on the project
Gaurantee the contract is a nice guy
Improve the look of your garden

During renovation, what should you do daily, if possible?

Walk the site and check everything Correct Answer
Provide the sub-contractors with cookies
Stay away from the job site for safety reasons
Just give the contractor a call


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