Laser Eye Surgery


Is Laser Eye Surgery Right For Me?

The American Eye Surgery Education Council, a professional society of ophthalmologists, has developed a list of medically accepted criteria to determine the ideal, less-than-ideal and unsuitable candidates for laser eye surgery.

Be sure to visit your doctor to see
if laser eye surgery is right for you

Here is a chart to help you understand if laser eye surgery is right for you:

Profile Characteristics
Ideal candidate
  • Is at least 18 years old
  • Is afflicted by one of the refractive errors (myopia, hyperobia, astigmatism or a combination). The ideal candidate has myopia up to -12 D, astigmatism up to 6 D and hyperopia up to +6 D
  • Has worn glasses or contacts for at least two years
  • In the case of Lasik, has a sufficiently thick cornea for the surgeon to cut a flap
  • Does not suffer from any disease or health condition which would prevent or significantly slow the healing process or complicate surgery
  • Is adequately informed about the risks of laser eye surgery.
Less-than-ideal candidate
  • Has dry eyes (a condition which can  worsen after surgery)
  • Has a suppressed immune system, which can affect healing
  • Is under the age of 18
  • Is pregnant or nursing
  • Has recently had a change in vision, ie a change in your contact/glasses prescription
  • Have refractive errors that are too severe to be entirely treated with current technology
Unsuitable candidate
  • Has cataracts, advanced glaucoma or other corneal diseases which preclude laser eye surgery
  • Does not give informed consent
  • Has unrealistic expectations


Something else to consider: Would your career be jeopardized if your surgery weren't to result as expected? Certain careers, such as some of those in the military, prohibit or restrict refractive eye surgery. Check with your employer to make sure.

Make sure you--and your eye--are
a good candidate for laser eye surgery


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