Laser Eye Surgery


Laser Eye Surgery Costs

When we were preparing the last page we noticed a glaring omission in the Eye Surgery Education Council's description of the ideal candidate for laser eye surgery. The ideal candidate will have just won the $10 million jackpot in the state lottery.

The cost of laser eye surgery can be steep

Actually laser eye surgery doesn't cost quite that much, but there's no two ways about it: laser eye surgery is EXPENSIVE. And in this country, it's almost never paid for by insurance.

But, unlike in other areas of your life, being economical isn't always a good thing. If you buy a cheap Rolex from an unlicensed street vendor, you can always toss it out a few weeks later if you discover it's a poorly put together knock-off. With your eyes, you don't have that liberty.

Costs fluctuate and they vary from state to state and doctor to doctor. There is no universal standard, except that such surgery is almost always quoted “per eye.” Giving estimates to a general readership on the Internet is well-nigh impossible, but it's reasonable to say that you can probably expect to pay somewhere in the area of $1200 to $2600 per eye, although significantly less (or more) is possible. Many doctors and eye centers offer low-interest payment plans.

You should never choose a doctor based solely on who offers the cheapest price or the best payment plan!

If not price then what? Click next to find out more about how to pick a doctor.


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