Potty Training


Tips for Resistant Children

Potty Training Tips

Without a doubt, there will be children that just won’t want to use the potty right a way. Though this can be frustrating, it is important to restrain from showing that frustration in front of your child. Here are some tangible tips to help you and your child through the challenges of potty training:

  • Bathroom Comfort. Make the bathroom a welcoming place with pictures that your child has drawn or colored.
  • Potty Comfort. Decorate the potty itself with your child. Draw eyes on construction paper and tape them to the back of the potty. Be creative! Turn the potty into your child’s favorite character!
  • Positive Associations. Invite your child to bring a favorite stuffed animal, toy or book to the potty when he does want to go. Use the potty training dolls and books for this. Model with the dolls what he can be doing.
  • Encouragement. Turn on the faucet. The sound of running water helps get the water inside flowing out and into the toilet.
  • Sing. If your child enjoys singing and making music, sing while on the toilet. Use a video to learn a song about potty training and teach it to your child.  
  • Fiber. If your child has difficulty pooping, the easiest way to soften your child’s stool is by feeding him or her foods high in fiber like raisins, prunes, prune juice, or fiber supplement wafers at meal or snack times. There are also stool-softening ointments and over the counter medications available at drugstores across the country.
  • Doctors. If the challenges persist over a long period of time, contact your child’s pediatrician. Let a doctor know that you are potty training and what step of the process you are having trouble with. They might be able to pinpoint a possible trouble spot and provide a solution.

Your Child May Not Be Ready

If your child shows resistances, it may indicate that he or she is not ready to begin potty training. Generally, your child is not ready if your child objects by:

  • Protesting by saying, "no potty!"
  • Throwing a fit when taken to the potty.
  • Appearing content when sitting in a soiled diaper.


Stick with it! Potty training is a long process. On the next page, you will find a helpful potty training chart that you can use to motivate your child during potty training. Rember to stay patient and stay on top of your routine. The results will come. Good luck!

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